Closing Date for Entries - April 30, 2015

Conference & Awards - October 6, 2015, London

The Mobile Innovations Awards – rewarding mobile in business

Call for Entries Now Open – Click here to Enter Online

Not sure which category to enter?  Simply download the Call for Entries brochure and find out all the information needed for your 2015 submission.


 Steps to entering:

1. Click & download the ‘Call for Entries‘ document.

2. Choose your category (Detailed category list from page 7 of  ‘Call for Entries’ Document).

3. Type your written statement in a 4 Question & Answer format, 1000 word maximum (Questions found on page 5 of the Call for Entries document).

4. Add a 250 word summary of your project  to the typed document, using the Q&A headings from part 3.

5. Give your project a title and brief description

6. Add any supporting material: images, video, statistics or other useful information to enhance your entry.

7. Fill out the Online Entry Form and upload all of the above articles then click ‘Submit’

8. Pay the entry fee of £215 + UK VAT (if applicable) and your entry is complete.


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A fantastic night was had by all at the first ever gala dinner and presentation of The Mobile Innovations Awards on July 8th at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London. We were very proud to be joined by our esteemed Prime Sponsor TSYS, plus Award Sponsors Monitise Create and Paythru.

Read the Mobile Innovations Awards press release

Browse Mobile Innovation Magazine Winners Edition for the full list of Finalists and Winners

Have you seen some of the photos from the night? …… Take a look at our On the Night page


Also available to view: The  first ever edition of Mobile Innovations Magazine #MIM.

This is how 2014 happened:

Where and when? The Mobile Innovations Awards was a fabulous black tie  evening gala dinner event that took place on Tuesday July 8, 2014 in the prestigious Ball Room at The Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London. The Call for Entries opens opens annually from January 1st.

Our online entry form allows company info, written submission upload, and payment to be processed in a simple one page form.

With no comparable event in the EMEA region, the Mobile Innovations Awards presents an exciting opportunity for businesses that are implementing ground breaking applications and uses for mobile devices that interact with the customer and increase sales for the commercial organisation.


Winning a coveted Mobile Innovations prize is in itself a very good way of providing endorsement for a product, but if you need a little more persuading here is why you should be part of an event like this: Phone imageThe Mobile Innovations Awards gala dinner and ceremony will be a glittering networking opportunity par excellence. Offering a fantastic chance to meet mobile professionals from across the globe, many of who could become valuable partners and customers. On top of the business potential, The Mobile Innovations Awards will be a great night out too, with a celebrity compère, a first class awards presentation, lots of champagne and an excellent meal. What a perfect way to entertain your existing customers and impress your potential customers. Be sure to contact us for more details about any upcoming events.

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